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Manhattan civil litigator whose clients include injured persons, both in New York and around the country, who want to sue because they suffered brain damage at birth (brain damaged baby case), or bodily injury from accidents or defective products, as well as those who want to sue because of personal injury, all kinds of negligence, medical malpractice, age discrimination and employment discrimination.

Clients also include New York City tenants who have been sued by their landlord, or who wish to sue because they believe that they have been overcharged in rent for their rent regulated apartment, as well as subtenants who are in an "illusory tenancy" situation, where the prime tenant is illegally subletting a rent regulated apartment for profit. Often, such "subtenants" can successfully sue the prime tenant for overcharging rent and have a judge declare the subtenant to be the legal tenant of the apartment and also have the judge compel the landlord to recognize the subtenant as the prime tenant of the apartment and to offer the new prime tenant a rent stabilized lease in the tenant's name, charging only the legal rent stabilized rent for the apartment.

Clients also include persons who wish to blow the whistle on fraud against the federal government (whistleblowers, known as qui tam or False Claims Act lawsuits).

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"Complaining about a rent overcharge in New York City"

An article written by Kenneth B. Hawco which explains the three options available to rent stabilized tenants in New York City who want to complain that the rent they pay is more than the law allows under the rent regulated systems in New York City and suggests that having such complaints decided by a judge is almost always a better option for tenants instead of filing a rent overcharge complaint with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR), the state agency that processes and decides such complaints, which, it is suggested, is the least favorable option for tenants.

"Landlord and Tenant Law -- published decisions"

A list of decisions published in the New York Law Journal wherein Kenneth B. Hawco successfully represented the tenant in each lawsuit.

"The Federal False Claims Act"

An article written by Kenneth B. Hawco providing both an overview of the Federal False Claims Act and examples of the substantial sums of money recovered by people who successfully brought such lawsuits.

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